About SingCham

The Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China (SingCham) is a non-profit organization established with the strong support of the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore to People's Republic of China and International Enterprise Singapore (formerly Singapore Trade Development Board).

The formation of SingCham was approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of PRC MOFTEC (Currently Ministry of Commerce of PRC - MOFCOM) on 22 Aug 2001, at the recommendation of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). Following the final endorsement by the State Council, it was registered on 25 December 2001 with The Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA). SingCham is the 15th foreign chamber officially approved in China and the first formally approved chamber from Southeast Asia.

One of the key objectives of SingCham is to promote Singapore's interest as well as expand economic relations between Singapore and China. SingCham also aims to facilitate business and economic exchanges between its members and the relevant Chinese authorities, enterprises and institutions, and amongst Singapore firms with business interests in China.

在万博 app提款玩家多万博体育app3.0苹果版manbetx万博app是哪的 Another key objective is to promote understanding and friendly relationship between its members and the various Chinese or other relevant bodies. SingCham also strives to provide a forum for the expressions of opinions and the exchanges of business-related information and other matters. Last but not least, SingCham would also like to advance and promote technological, professional, commercial and technical education and facilitate such exchange with the Chinese institutions, enterprises, business chambers and other relevant bodies sharing similar objectives and interests.

The working scopes of the Chamber are:

  1. To Provide A Forum For The Expressions Of Opinions And The Exchange Of Business-Related Information And Other Matters Among Its Members And With Other Institutions, Enterprises, Relevant Bodies Or Chinese Authorities;
  2. To Promote, Develop, Advance And Expand Business Between Singapore And The People's Republic Of China (Hereinafter Referred To As China) And Other Countries;
  3. To Promote Understanding And Friendly Relationship Between Its Members And The Chinese Authorities, Institutions, Enterprises And Other Relevant Bodies;
  4. To Promote Trade, Investment And Other Economic Activities Between Its Members And The Chinese Enterprises And Other Commercial Institutions In China;
  5. To Advance And Promote Technological, Professional, Commercial And Technical Education And Facilitate Such Exchange With The Chinese Institutions, Enterprises, Business Chambers And Other Relevant Bodies Sharing Similar Objects And Interests;
  6. To Collect, Compile, Extract, Circulate And Disseminate Statistics And Other Information Relating To Trade, Commerce And Industry;
  7. To Print, Publish And Distribute Any Newspaper, Periodicals, Books, Or Leaflets That The Chamber May Think Desirable For The Promotion Of Its Objects;
  8. To Facilitate Research And Discussion By Its Members On The Promotion Of Bilateral Trade And Investment Between Singapore And China;
  9. To Provide A Channel Of Communication Within Such Business Community With Any Relevant Chinese Authorities Or Government Agencies And To Facilitate Liaison With, Petitions To, Or Representations By Such Business Community To Government Officials, Agencies And Department In China On Matters Which Will Affect, Either Directly Or Indirectly The Interest Of The Members, Either In General Or In Particular To A Specific Sector;
  10. To Promote And Maintain Good Fellowship And Professional Excellence Between The Members And Towards Their Chinese Counterparts And To Assist In Resolving Any Dispute Among Its Members Or With Any Other Parties;
  11. To Engage In Other Lawful Activities As May Be Incidental Or Conducive To The Attainment Of The Foregoing Objectives.

Since China's entry into World Trade Organization, China offers new opportunities as well as challenges to Singapore entrepreneurs and investors. SingCham, being officially endorsed and recognized by China's central authorities, would undoubtedly be the best non-profit institution to provide a platform for contacts and networking to Singapore interests in China.?

Currently, SingCham has more than 1300 members. SingCham's Management Committee, which is currently chaired by Ms.Seet Poh Kim, Dorothy, ?comprises of 17 members with Singapore Ambassador to China Mr Stanley Loh as Patron and the Commercial Counsellor Mr Yew Sung Pei?as Advisor. SingCham has working groups based in?Shanghai、Chongqing、Tianjin 、Guangxi、Guangdong、Sichuan、Jiangsu、Fujian and Shandong.